What a good shower can do

 Today, I had a really good shower. 
One of those ones where you don't just feel physically clean, but mentally and spiritually clean too. I think I have experienced a build up of miasmas over the past few months and today I just managed to shift it all. I feel so much better and so much more energised and enthusiastic about things.

I am going to start having long, proper showers (not just the daily wash your hair type) once a week or so now to rid myself of all the gunk, unblock and really cleanse myself of the miasma that builds up over time. 

*spiritual* cleansing of myself and my home needs to be done more often I think. It feels good.

Also, I'm going to start trying to update LJ more! HI! I'm alive still!

What's that title?

There's a book that was quite popular a couple of years ago that proposed a ritual calendar based on the seasons, in honour of Demeter and Persephone.

Can anyone remember what it was called? I cannot for the life of me remember, but I want to know because I plan on looking it up on Google books and *perhaps* buying it amongst other things with my shiny new Amazon gift certificate!

A cat related question for those that could help.

How can I stop the cat eating the fucking Christmas tree décor? No, really.

Misc. is obsessed with the lametta that hangs from the tree. He actually eats it! On Friday we tried our best to keep him away from it but we missed a bit and he ate it and threw up. Now we have removed all the lametta from the bottom of the tree but he reaches up and pulls bits down.
We can't possibly supervise him constantly and we're a bit lost as to what to do. Does anyone know how to repel/discourage him?

Musings on the nature of the gods:


In other news, Silver Ravenwolf came up as a suggested friend on twitter so I looked at her website and wanted to die. There wasn't even that much fluff evident on the pages I read; it was just so new age white light.
I know I'm hardly representative of a typical pagan, but tell me...what is useful and fulfilling about simply lighting a candle when you want something?
I used to go on pagan forums and something bad would happen to someone and people would go 'oh dear that's awful! I'll light a candle'.

That's not even candle magic...that's just...a candle! Paraffin and fire!

Tasty Barley risotto!

This is what I made the other night and served at my ritual in honour of Hermes. It's EASY, tasty (and seasonal!), and can be eaten as a main or as a side! You can also add as much random crap to it as you like!
I cook by eye so all times and quantities are totally guessed. Barley expands like rice does, so I recommend using as much barley in this risotto as you would if you were using rice. 2 handfuls per person works for me!

To serve 2 you need:
Vegetable stock (I use one cube in 190ml of boiling water)
Cajun spice
1 medium red pepper
1 medium courgette
2 medium whitecap mushrooms

-Preheat the oven to 200*C
-Mean while, chop veg into equal sized, manageable pieces.
-Combine the stock, barley and chopped veg in a crock pot or other oven safe, heavy based pot with a lid.
-Add a dash of Cajun spice. Stir and cover.
-Place risotto in the oven and cook for 40 mins or until barley is soft, giving the mix a stir occasionally. If the stock gets completely absorbed before the barley is soft, top up the pot with a little water.
-When cooked, add a little more spice to taste if you like it hot!