Who may see the passage of a goddess unless she wills his mortal eyes aware?

-The odyssey

Hi, I'm Emma; also known as patch.
This is my journal for all my religious and spiritual things. Some is friends only, but quite a bit is public too. I am happy to add most people!
If you want my regular journal it's patch99329, and it's friends only.

I came to paganism roughly 2 and a half years ago. I had been interested in theology since I was eleven, but never thought that religion could ever be for me. One day, I suddenly realised I was a polytheist (it's more complicated than that xD) and it spiralled from there.
I walked a particular path for quite a while, but I was never truly happy. I was being pushed by the gods to hellenic polytheism and I ignored it.
When I couldn't take it anymore and converted, everything fell into place. I know where I'm going and what I'm doing. Instead of contemplating on whats out there, I'm contemplating on the nature of whats out there.
This journal will be a place for me to ramble on about my path and what I do. I decided to make a journal for this stuff because:
1. I don't want to bore the people on my regular journal if they do not desire to read.
2. I want a place to document even the little things. Because some of them are so special I cannot bear the fact that I may forget them.
3. Perhaps my practice and experiences will inspire others.
4. There is little on the web that actually discusses regular practice, and life in general as a hellenic polytheist.

I am a hellenic polytheist first and foremost. I like to keep this part of my practices as recon as possible, but I don't identify as such, in case I need 'wiggle room'.